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sacred energy space

 b r e a t h e   l o v e

Instead of filtering reality through the limiting beliefs we're often unaware of.

Becoming aware of our gifts and discovering how we resonate with others - in each present moment - allows us to walk our life path with greater vitality, creative exploration, and a deeper sense of authenticity while coping with any challenges that arise. The stability gained is essential to nurture our full global connectivity in our rapidly changing world.  

Empower your inner knowing of that ever-present love

I integrate spiritual, emotional, mental & physical healing tools to honor each soul on their journey of self-love and self-empowerment, including those who have experienced some form of crisis or trauma. Bringing full loving acceptance to our life events - in a safe supportive space - is the foundation for our healing and release of buried emotional pain.

Choose the tools that resonate with your heart - or trigger your curiosity - as a foundation for building trust in your intuitive voice as it emerges into consciousness.

Spiritual astrology ~ integrating your celestial energy aspects

Cosmic synchronicity of life events via planetary movement, in four elements of expression: earth/body; water/feelings; air/mind; and fire/spirit - together create a map of your strengths, challenges you wish to overcome, and resources for your support that you may not even be aware of.

Subtle body energy healing ~ integrating your personal energy vibration

Aura + chakra exploration; creating safe energy boundaries;  past lives + spiritual contracts;  raising your energy level,

and contributing the collective vibration as you raise your own.

Cellular intelligence ~ integrating your right brain, body-level intuition

Embodied awareness;  connecting to our body's inner wisdom;  integrating your right-brain mode of intuitive understanding, includes the intelligence within our physical connection with the celestial universe.

Together, brings Spirit-in-Body comfort & navigational support towards walking your own Life path.

Note: tools used never reduce your life to a sum of separate parts.

Embodied knowledge is key : bringing awareness into daily life contributes to our
​collective personal empowerment: our co-evolution.
- Elisabeth

find meaning within life on Earth : learn to navigate with your map of cosmic interconnected energy

your aura & chakras : how to work with your energy, stay grounded & protected in daily life

affirm your Spirit-within-Body : our inner intelligence that supports life beyond the logical mind


Breathe in the love that surrounds us...

As we all contribute to the Earth's collective energy - raising our own loving awareness is the fundamental essence of healing for future generations. Each of us helping to collectively raise our global energy also empowers others, beyond any current or unconscious limits.