Spirit-in-body experience using Breema

 All versions of my practice are based on Nine Principles of Harmony 

  • ​integrating body, breath, mind & feelings together
  • maintaining full focus in the ongoing present moment
  • learn to practice full acceptance in the body to initiate deeper healing of spirit
  • touch is maintained at all times, as connected energy with full mutual support
  • The deeper integration received was manifested by my near-death bliss experience

Feel  your cellular wisdom to support your body's health --

the inter-connection of physical understanding that lives beyond your logical mind

Cellular intelligence

sacred energy space

 b r e a t h e   l o v e

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Body-Spirit integration​

  • Discover your own cellular intelligence for increased self-trust & intuition
  • Your body's wisdom can be felt --  if we accept & release our unconscious blocks held within
  • Learn to connect with your inner wisdom that lives outside your logical mind
  • There are many ways we can tune in - from inner sound, to feeling energy
  • Embody deeper levels of understanding with your right brain
  • Transformational touch uses subtle energy to fully integrate your spirit-in-body  connectedness

Healing sessions: spirit-in-body integration

  • ​includes aura, chakras, past lives while working with body's energy meridians
  • honor your own pace with full self-acceptance
  • validate the cellular wisdom of your body & outside your mind using conscious awareness
  • new healing needs arise only as you're ready to accept and release those no longer working 
  • no work is done without your full permission - all boundaries are fully honored
  • learn to practice full life participation - feeling our breath in body and spiritas ongoing meditation
  • all practiced using Breema's Nine Principles​

Sacred ceremony - honoring your spirit-in-body

  • Celebrate  your relationship to your life's evolving events​​
  • Honor  your life's shifts - or sacred events - affirming your personal, family, or social evolution​
  • Co-create  blessings of space (home, business)
  • Validate  the courage and other elements within yourself that take part in your shift
  • Contact me to schedule a free phone call to sound out your ideas or plans!

Rev. Elisabeth Zenker, M​SW