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Rev. Elisabeth Zenker, MSW

In 2009, I had a near-death experience from my unknown ancient, giant brain tumor. Waking up strapped down and solo in a medical helicopter, with no idea of how I got there, I felt nothing but Bliss. No fear, anxiety or confusion  - instead, feeling & hearing amazing resonances of divine sound, layers of harmonic vibration of vast loving energy that I knew to be present for us all. I could feel cosmic vibrations emanating from multiple levels of consciousness in the very design of our ever-evolving universe, with a fully sacred and aware presence.

​​... together, let's keep on breathing this love energy right back out into our world ...

towards ​​wherever your life's path may lead...

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Loving blessings to all who visit!

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All offerings are on a sliding scale / donation - as single sessions, or ongoing. 
Best healing connections are available in person, or via Skype - yet telephone works as well!

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with fully healing love energy -- until then!

Areas of study & certification include:

  • Reverend | Psychic Horizons, Clairvoyance Training Graduate, Church of Natural Grace, 1989
  • Breema practitioner certification, 1996
  • Master of Social Work, Humboldt State University, 2007
  • Spiritual Astrology : studied and practiced since 1980
  • ​Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault  crisis counseling certification, 2003

Later, in the hospital, my cells let me know that no energy could be wasted on fear-based stress - and to keep one hand on my meridian convergence point (the hara or tan t'ien of the belly) in a spirit of deep trust. I simultaneously remembered a major planetary event that fully explained this timing. Somehow, a cellular understanding on a new level was present in my body, including all I had learned about astrology, integrating it with other layers of our energy. I am now dedicated to share what I have learned with others, to empower ourselves to understand and accept both our gifts and challenges, while allowing ourselves to lovingly release what is no longer useful. As ordained Reverend for over 25 years, received from completing the Clairvoyant Program from San Francisco's Psychic Horizons (& Church of Natural Grace), I integrate this deeper spiritual understanding with astrology, psychic energy and sacred body awareness: all tools to raise our interconnected consciousness - especially for the children & grandchildren inheriting this Earth.
Energetic Empowerment Healing

What I so love - assisting our elevation of collective energy, one to a few people at a time!

The secret of all healing work is to see what we've hidden for so long, that it seems to have a life of its own.

As in any area with limited light, small items can appear quite large - from seeing their shadow, firmly attached.

Instead, to turn on the light at take a look at what's there - with the loving light of consciousness - we can gracefully let them go...

As we all have some issue that needs to be dealt with, letting go of any inner fear or shame is giant.

Freeing ourselves from this releases so much vital energy -- to use in our lives, in any shape or form!

And COLLECTIVELY AMPLIFIES & EXPANDS - needed now in our social world, more than ever!

  • Inner barriers - that often (unconsciously) attract challenges,  are actually trying to get your attention
  • Doing this for their healing release:  that requires nothing but conscious, loving awareness of their presence
  • This can be done either via Skype, or in person: your preference.
  • As our collective energy is all of our individual energies put together - every single one of us counts!


  • One complementary mini-session giving you an overview of how Astrology, Subtle Body (Psychic) Energy & Cellular Understanding all work together to bring you a sense of healing life direction - as your personal compass of Spirit in Body.
  • Individual healing empowerment sessions - single session to ongoing
  • Relationship sessions: to assist the Loving presence of each person's Authenticity, with Acceptance​ of Other