All planets mirror symbolic aspects of our psyches, both individual & collective.

With change being the one constant in life, understanding planetary movement is a tool to help us find meaning in what's going on.
The sense of direction & empowerment gained helps us learn how to support ourselves during times of challenge; recognize our strengths; and maintain harmony with others when discord arises. Being multidimensional gives us full freedom in how we choose to use it.   And gifting us with a Navigational Map : our life approach and direction, with areas of both interest and challenge.  Showing our multiple strengths that can help keep us steady when things get tough.

As stated by  Dane Rudhyar : astrology is a tool "through which the creative and transfiguring spirit can operate... a channel
translucent to the light of meaning,  for meaning alone is what can transform chaos into order. Which quality in us, which type of strength is needed to go through any specific phase of our total unfoldment..."​
The four major interdimensional layers within astrology are:

  1. The planetary bodies:  symbolic aspects of our individual and social psyche
  2. The signs (our zodiac):  4 elements expressed 3 ways, creating 6 pairs of complementary polar opposites.
  3. Sacred space:  our life navigation / life activity (12 houses) via earth perspective at birth
  4. Relationships between planets (aspects) : at birth and now (transits)

Integrate your sacred cosmic energy here on Earth!
The sacred energy of our Universal Cosmic Consciousness is one of vibration.
​​At the moment of our birth, planetary energies
are vibrated into our newly emerged physical selves.

Together, becoming a part of our individual, social and collective Energy system.
​Mapping them, they help guide our evolution of consciousness :
this amazing resonance of sacred vibrational intelligence we are all a part of.

​ ​

Astrology shows us many aspects of ourselves & relationships we may not otherwise consider:

  • redirect dissonance towards harmony
  • discover how the elements of fire, air, earth, water affect us and our relationships (partners, groups, families, business)
  • combine with energy work for deeper integrated healing
  • ​single session, or ongoing sessions for layers of exploration
  • any questions, or to schedule a session(s), I'd love it if you'd send an email :!
Astrological soul perspective : Integrate your physical, emotional, mental + spiritual selves
Intro: astrological language & framework
 ~  learn the meaning of planets, signs, elements, house placement + relational aspects.

Planetary Bodies-what they are as your energies

~  recognize their gifts as aspects within yourself, and how they connect & interact - both within yourself and with others

~  explore where they are in your chart at birth, and where they are now in the cosmos - and their evolving interactions (transits) as they connect with your birth chart, bringing clarity + meaning to life situations

​​AstroSpirit Space-astrology signs + the balance of elements

 ~  the 12 signs of the zodiac as the 4 elements expressed 3 different ways, and as 6 pairs of complementary polarities - including their shadow elements~  how these times of year interact with ancient holy-days & celebrations​

Celestial Space- our perspective of life, from the time of our birth

​~  the house system & the twelve main areas of human experience, including planets within them & the signs "ruling" them

​​Sacred Consciousness permeates the entire Universe, giving us here on Earth

the tools of a multidimensional co-evolutionary compass.

Rev. Elisabeth Zenker, MSW

Sunday (Sun) - Monday (Moon) - Tuesday (Mars) -  Wednesday (Mercury) - Thursday (Jupiter) - Friday (Venus) - Saturday (Saturn)

​Uranus was discovered in 1781, near the time of both the American and French revolutions for independence, and Pluto was discovered in 1930, near the time of the nuclear bomb...both events related to their planetary meaning.  Not to mention how the planets orbiting with us around the sun are so similar to the atoms with our cells - those zillions of electrons orbiting within each of us!

Spiritual astrology

To accept the cosmic intelligence we are all part of is a gift of awareness - and freedom.

Seeing our strengths helps us discover the roots of unconscious habits we find manifesting in our lives (via relationships, jobs, health, etc.) Which also helps us validate & nourish our authentic selves - to shine even more brightly - as we all contribute to the collective energy of our Sacred Planet.

sacred energy space

 b r e a t h e   l o v e

Offerings : individuals & relationships

Increasing our Harmonic Resonance : Creating harmony within ourselves, as with others -- in this expanding Age of Aquarius!

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