Revitalize your aura, chakras & energy flow 
lovingly accept & release your blocks, while staying grounded & protected in daily life

using psychic clairvoyant energy lovingly learned from Psychic Horizons.

What we will be working with:

 aura layers of energy & information storage surrounding us all

chakras: centers of energy & modes of connection
spirit-based contracts: updating & releasing those that are no longer useful, in this & past lifetimes
boundary protection: locating & releasing the source of any protection gaps in your energy space
earth grounding: connecting your base chakra in our physical world, in the ongoing present moment
revitalizing: letting go of past patterns increases our current energy flow, for both access & release

Individual & relationship healing

readings with healing - aura & chakras; past lives; updating spiritual contracts
relationships, families & groups - conscious connectivity with others
ongoing sessions - explore working with your own energy on an ongoing basis

Energetic self-empowerment raises our personal vibration
as we additionally amplify raising our
collective global vibration!

email me at with any questions - or to set up appointment
all available via Skype, phone or in person
Rev. Elisabeth Zenker, MSW

Subtle body (psychic) energy

sacred energy space

 b r e a t h e   l o v e

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